Friday, 29 March 2013

just the way we are

took another look at the latest images of my freeformknittedscarfythingity this morning and i think they are okay. you can see various elements, colours and textures shine through, which is what i was after. the last image is blurred out and since i'm a big fan of impressionist painting, it shall remain.

included are two that demonstrate her royal scarfyness stretched out on wooden hanger. could it be a wall hanging ? (cats say yes please, something new to attack). it looks great as a neck warmer and i've been stopped in my tracks and asked about it already. yes, i have worn an unfinished piece out there ;-) at any rate, i want to see if i can get brighter images of scarfy and post something clearer if i can.

i do love taking pictures and i feel very fortunate to have wonderful little camera that my generous most daughter gave to me for my birthday one year. it takes good images and yet. there is much ado about the technological aspect of that copper canon that i have never delved into and probably never will. i see something and want to capture it, right there. it doesn't always turn out in terms of something that might win a prize or even a silent wow formed on your lips and yet.

beautiful words, images, imperfection. just the way we are.

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