Monday 29 September 2014

walking into the room again

It has been ages since I have posted anything on here, words or work ... it has been quite a year and whilst I have been producing some work, for the most part, I forget to post any of it on here. So here I am.

Monday 26 August 2013

Jacob's field

History. Herstory. Ourstory.

Driving out to our friend's cabin a few weeks ago, we are awestruck by the farmer's fields on our right. Waves and rows of glorious colour and texture. Flax and other offerings spill against deep chocolate brown prairie soil. Summer greens, earth tones, wild flowers, flowering weeds. I don't have my camera with me and yet I want to find a way to preserve this moment, this magnificent vision, this gift of nature, my love's labour found. 

 Row by row, garter stitch upon stitch. Colour and texture blend together and it is exciting  to see things take shape so quickly.  Expressions. Feelings. Emotions. Memory. Love. The smell of sweet grass. And straw. 

Different weights of yarn, sewing thread, embroidery thread, cotton thread from Ireland. If you look closely, you'll see a bit of green and brown plaid fabric, an oblong  piece of worn leather. As well as dried flowers / weeds / plants sewn right in there and there.  All carefully and sometimes painstakingly placed to give a three dimensional effect. 

How to finish it off ....  a frame made out of  barn board? What about that old wooden window frame...rusted metal hooks, worm holes and all? 

I pull some sticks out from my collection. Lay them out on the table.  Aim for that rickety old-school rustic wood bleached from the sun effect. Careful not to let them fall apart, I bind them together with bits of yarn and thread. 

At the top of the piece, slightly larger sticks are used to balance things. Wrapping threads around and around tight helps to keep the sticks in place. Finally the upper fence begins to take shape. I close the gap, a balancing act. I must pull while holding it together with my other hand, field and sticks pull together tighter still. I add more sticks, and sew and pull the strands of yarn and threads. Despite the raging cramps in my hands, it works !

Hanging on our living room wall. A work of art made in honour of our first wedding anniversary a few short weeks away.  A reminder of the growth and boundless love in our relationship, the strength of character we treasure in each other. All the colours and textures that we are right where we live and love together, in Jacob's field. 

Friday 9 August 2013

up and down

i  enjoy yarn play. i tend to follow instinct not patterns. when  i am asked how this works the simple explanation is that i feel as i go.

something mysterious  takes place.  i hold my breath, just a little and begin.

i sew and sew  into spaces and with a wee bit of faith in the process as well as my own self, i step inside that zone.

 you know the one, an empty place where no one is looking over your shoulder telling you that you should be doing it another way. this way, that way, their way.

to me, all that matters is that the needle pushes through the yarn. sometimes a bright red blossom of blood from an inadvertent stab in the finger. perpetual motion. up and down. needle and thread and yarn and fingers move. up and down.

Thursday 8 August 2013

Barcelona weaving peace

basking in the sweet light of the garden out front 

close up of intricate stitching using yarns from all over the world as well as threads 

hopeful colours 

birch tree inspiration 


side by side

Friday 5 April 2013

back and forth

therein lies the rub. much ado about knitting is just that. the movement of back and forth. work one row then once you reach the end of the line, turn it around and start all over again. sharing the elements of my work is an important part of the whole process. making it and then writing about it. back and forth.

today, i tried to find that sweet light, the one that would show you exactly what my latest knitted creation looks like in terms of colour texture and beyond. i started out in the kitchen, the hanger teeter tottered back and forth as it tried to find balance on a cobalt blue push pin. stark white wooden door provided a back drop (worked beautifully the other day). this time, the image was somewhat washed out or hidden within the shadows of this cloud covered day.

i took a few more shots back and forth between flash and no flash.

then i went into the living room where most of today's light is just now. back and forth between holding the piece at eye level and laying it down on the desk. back and forth between flash and no flash.

as i look through the images i find myself going back and forth trying to decide which one i like best.

the malabrigo sisters

the malabrigo sisters and their cousin manos clasica (as seen in the photo below) are wonderful yarns to work with. the contrast of soft and not so soft, of bulky and not quite so has created some interesting results. the clasica gives strength to the work while the malabrigo brings with her that most incredible defining moment of softness.

the photo was taken in my living room on a particularly sunny day ... that is the only reason i can think of as to why the clasica does not show her true colours. if you notice in the second image the brown really does lean toward a more orangy hue. i am always struggling to find the words to describe colour. perhaps i'll not try so hard and just feel them. that is the basis upon which i choose yarns that will blend together in my mind at least to make a very interesting landscape.

the experience of just doing it, just knitting for months and months has given me the confidence to knit without a pattern. i have some basic knowledge now about what may or may not work and it is so exciting to see things come to fruition in a way that makes me quietly proud and often surprised. i have quite a collection  of neck warmers growing, not sure whether to put them out there yet in terms of selling on a small craft table somewhere. therein lies one of my dreams.

malabrigo worsted, malabrigo rastita y manos clasica