Monday, 25 March 2013

i believe in evolution

i believe in evolution.

it all started a few years ago when i signed up for a rug hooking workshop. rather than yarn, we used fabric and there were no limits placed upon our creativity. i was happy to hear that!. at first, it was a bit tricky to wrap the fabric on the crochet hook and then bring the fabric up through the canvas. traditionally speaking, the fabric would lie flat and present itself as all neat and tidy. as you may have noticed that's not how i work. i wanted the pieces to stand up a bit and give the flat canvas landscape some texture.

when the workshop was over we were encouraged to continued working on the piece at home. it didn't take long for me to feel the prickles of frustration. i was fed up that it was taking so long to get anywhere. enough already, i put it away high up on a shelf in the living room closet out of sight. good riddance!

last year, as i was reworking the organization of said closet, the rug hooking piece kept sliding off the shelf. eventually, i got the hint,  took it into my studio to have a good look at it. what the heck, i could get busy and  finish it. with hook in hand, i sat there staring at the canvas and realized that i couldn't remember how to do it. i wondered what else i could do with this piece, how else could i get it going.

like going on a mystery ride with no map, i began to sew in yarn and other bits of fibre. i have a collection of found objects, bits and pieces that were calling out to be added. this is where my best friend weld bond comes in handy. sure enough one thing led to another and this is why i believe in evolution.


  1. This is my absolute favourite! <3 It takes my breath away every time!! xo

  2. I love this. I'm so glad you shared.

    I took a rug hooking class at the WAG a few years back and LOVED it. I think we may have spoken before about this, not sure. I have a large unfinished piece that's folded up in my "night table" ( more of a wicker-type box bedside my bed ). The design is of my garden one year, when my ex & I were still together. I'd get up extra early to be alone & hook back then. I don't know that I'll ever finish it, but am inspired by your use of various materials in this piece.