Wednesday, 27 March 2013

saori weaving

i've mentioned that i have a tendency to knit outside the lines. for ages and ages, i thought something was wrong with me, that i was inadequate in terms of getting it "right" ... i've never moved past the garter stitch...and yet, i love how it looks especially when multifaceted yarns are used, kaleidoscope!

at any rate, i've been searching and researching and have a grand old time of late, have found some kindred spirits who feel their art in similar ways. i have always loved weaving and had hoped, for years and years, to find a way to buy a loom in order to create in that method.

well, it seems that with my free form knitting, i'm already weaving, of sorts. as soon as i am able, i shall post photos of my latest works...they have completely blown me away! when so many barriers and walls have been set aside, the freedom and fresh air is exhilarating.

one of the styles of weaving that i especially love is known as saori. i have found some words online that help me to share this with you and you'll soon see why this form resonates within.

saori weaving:

"sa" comes from the zen vocabulary meaning each one has their own individual dignity and  "ori" is japanese for weaving.

saori weaving is having the courage to break with the conventional. crooked selvages, skipped threads, missing threads are all human and not mistakes but produce interesting effects.

we are trying to find our true weaving voices.

(all of the above is shared for the love of this form of weaving and for the bells, whistles and joy that i feel to hear at last what my heart has been trying to tell me all along).

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