Saturday, 30 March 2013

every little thing she does is magic

at one time, i would make about forty christmas cards each and every year, faithfully send them to family and friends. all hand lettered, sometimes embossed, quotes from collections and so on. each envelope was hand lettered  in india ink. i learned a trick from bob boyajian, another mentor of the calligraphic kind. he showed us how to take a white candle and rub the wax across the dried ink to protect it from the elements.

the need and want to create cards again has found its way back into my life. and here are some examples of my most recent work; images from december of last year. collage, water colour paint, bits of torn japanese paper, water colour paper. as well i experimented with winsor newton gold metallic ink. great to play with ... it shimmers upon application as if it has a life of its own. i tried to using brushes but was not happy with the result. round toothpicks as well as finger application worked best for the look i was after.

through the years i have had the great privilege of attending workshops offered by the calligraphers guild in toronto and winnipeg. imagine being held in their presence, encouraged to grow, learn. no artist is an island. 

i am grateful to the myriad of people who continue to inspire. a little bit of herstory. my daughter is one of my greatest inspirations. as she grew up, she would make cards of her own as well as little paintings and other treasures from her imagination, many of which i still have to this day. recently i found a little drawing of hers of a wizard all done up in hat and cape. to me,  every little thing she does is magic.

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