Friday, 5 April 2013

back and forth

therein lies the rub. much ado about knitting is just that. the movement of back and forth. work one row then once you reach the end of the line, turn it around and start all over again. sharing the elements of my work is an important part of the whole process. making it and then writing about it. back and forth.

today, i tried to find that sweet light, the one that would show you exactly what my latest knitted creation looks like in terms of colour texture and beyond. i started out in the kitchen, the hanger teeter tottered back and forth as it tried to find balance on a cobalt blue push pin. stark white wooden door provided a back drop (worked beautifully the other day). this time, the image was somewhat washed out or hidden within the shadows of this cloud covered day.

i took a few more shots back and forth between flash and no flash.

then i went into the living room where most of today's light is just now. back and forth between holding the piece at eye level and laying it down on the desk. back and forth between flash and no flash.

as i look through the images i find myself going back and forth trying to decide which one i like best.

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  1. I can so relate to this dance with the light, trying to photograph!!