Thursday, 8 August 2013

Barcelona weaving peace

basking in the sweet light of the garden out front 

close up of intricate stitching using yarns from all over the world as well as threads 

hopeful colours 

birch tree inspiration 


side by side


  1. These colours are so exciting! I love the comparison with the trees at the end here... Did you paint all those hopeful colours?

    I find the processes that weavers and felt-makers and others go through to arrive at their pieces endlessly fascinating. I try to do the same myself, but forget to be so focussed...

    1. for me, the muse takes over. i go by how it feels. not so much a plan. the hopeful colours as well as the birch tree image were sent by the person who now owns the piece.

      i wish i had taken more photos of the finished product ... there were so many times i visited and revisited...stitching and stitching so things would stay in place. at the top is a necklace that i found in a shop just down the road from home. it fit in beautifully, a brushed gold / metal something and the complementary colours in the beads ... unreal. i felt they had a "spanish effect" if that makes sense.

      it was with great joy that i experimented with the different yarns, threads, fibres. i had some given to me, hand spun, from Wales and how wonderful that the recipient has ties to Wales ... loving the synchronicity !

      i am currently researching like mad for a new camera, for the best one for me. i have long loved photography and would like so much to make a wee bit of an investment...a life long dream . the photos that you see on my blog here are taken (most of them anyway) with my canon powershot. a brilliant little camera.

      alas and alack the lens no longer opens and as i have discovered, it just is not worth it to have it repaired. boohoo. oh well, i will keep it around for old times sake :)

      anyway, thank you SO much for your kind comments, Tamsin. I am a big fan of yours and it means the world to me that you stopped by.

    2. i meant to say that the hopeful colours and the birch trees were sent to give me an idea of what they liked in terms of colour and how it made them feel. I completely understood and went from there. I did not spend too much time going back and looking and stressing. i just went out and bought yarn, and once others found out what i was up to, they were kind and generous to give me bits of this and that . i also bought some threads at a local charming little thrift shop...for a dollar each and there are reams and reams of thread on them! (once i have my new camera down the road that is, i shall take more photos. )