Tuesday, 2 April 2013

art works

staring at a blank canvas is often a bit daunting. begin by covering the journal so that you can learn to see from the inside out.

try not to pressure yourself into making a plan ~ if you do, the process might feel like an angst-ridden thorn in your side 

set aside a space ~no matter how small~ this place will transform itself into your very own studio 

the result : each and every time you go in there,  the muse is waiting for you. she's jumping up and down excited to show you what you can do 

vision and revision : everything you have seen felt been witness to in your life will find its way home to you

under the influence of the most loving and incredibly talented people in your life anything can happen on that landscape less travelled

use what you have in terms of materials 

be willing to look beyond the original purpose of a thing a place a name



art works 

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