Friday, 5 April 2013

the malabrigo sisters

the malabrigo sisters and their cousin manos clasica (as seen in the photo below) are wonderful yarns to work with. the contrast of soft and not so soft, of bulky and not quite so has created some interesting results. the clasica gives strength to the work while the malabrigo brings with her that most incredible defining moment of softness.

the photo was taken in my living room on a particularly sunny day ... that is the only reason i can think of as to why the clasica does not show her true colours. if you notice in the second image the brown really does lean toward a more orangy hue. i am always struggling to find the words to describe colour. perhaps i'll not try so hard and just feel them. that is the basis upon which i choose yarns that will blend together in my mind at least to make a very interesting landscape.

the experience of just doing it, just knitting for months and months has given me the confidence to knit without a pattern. i have some basic knowledge now about what may or may not work and it is so exciting to see things come to fruition in a way that makes me quietly proud and often surprised. i have quite a collection  of neck warmers growing, not sure whether to put them out there yet in terms of selling on a small craft table somewhere. therein lies one of my dreams.

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