Friday, 9 August 2013

up and down

i  enjoy yarn play. i tend to follow instinct not patterns. when  i am asked how this works the simple explanation is that i feel as i go.

something mysterious  takes place.  i hold my breath, just a little and begin.

i sew and sew  into spaces and with a wee bit of faith in the process as well as my own self, i step inside that zone.

 you know the one, an empty place where no one is looking over your shoulder telling you that you should be doing it another way. this way, that way, their way.

to me, all that matters is that the needle pushes through the yarn. sometimes a bright red blossom of blood from an inadvertent stab in the finger. perpetual motion. up and down. needle and thread and yarn and fingers move. up and down.


  1. When I use a needle, you will hear a lot of cursing as I stab myself too often.